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The following blogs were written with words of encouragment inspired by God and the Good News of Jesus Christ.~
Bishop Tylos Jackson, Jr. personally invite each of you to read, comment, and engage with him as it relate to your individual life.

Don’t Judge Me God Is My Judge

by Tylos Jackson on August 1, 2018
No one wants to be judged when their actions are considered inappropriate or just flat out wrong. Isn’t it interesting that when people state that no one can judge them it is not when they are being applauded for some generally accepted good action that they achieved. Only when someone’s actions are critiqued because of their inappropriate...
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Purpose of Living

by Tylos Jackson on July 11, 2018
I’m sure that some of you find yourselves saying where is the fulfilment in my daily routine? For instance many of us insist that we must matriculate in Universities to receive that coveted...
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Benefit of a Godly Culture

by Tylos Jackson on June 6, 2018
I believe as a child growing up in a Christian family that the focus on Jesus, moral living, and attendance at church was a mores that influenced my psychology towards my faith in Jesus today. My...
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Spiritual Maturation

by Tylos Jackson on May 2, 2018
In Hebrews chapter 5 the author encourages the saints by writing that spiritual maturity is a path that only those that truly love God will surrender their lives to endure. 'Though he were a Son,...
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Walking as Mature Christians

by Tylos Jackson on April 4, 2018
Jesus said to the man that was lame at the pool of Bethesda (John 5) would he be made whole or healthy. This is a provocative question to ask a man that had been ill. Illness that caused this man...
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The Love of God III

by Tylos Jackson on March 7, 2018
Therefore, does God want believers to come to church as spiritual Stepford Christian walking around just smiling and shaking hands but not connecting, not feeling, not sharing, and not loving....
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The Love of God II

by Tylos Jackson on February 7, 2018
We often toss around phrases in church circles like people are fake and some of us recluse to our own comfortable isolated bubble. Determined that no one will ever hurt us again in church because...
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The Love of God

by Tylos Jackson on January 3, 2018
The love of God gives repentant humanity heaven and unrepentant hell. You say heaven and hell yes, since God is Love, everything he does comes from His Loving nature. As a God that is Love He...
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