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The following blogs were written with words of encouragment inspired by God and the Good News of Jesus Christ.~
Bishop Tylos Jackson, Jr. personally invite each of you to read, comment, and engage with him as it relate to your individual life.

Walking as Mature Christians

by Tylos Jackson on April 4, 2018
Jesus said to the man that was lame at the pool of Bethesda (John 5) would he be made whole or healthy. This is a provocative question to ask a man that had been ill. Illness that caused this man to have had limited movement and every time he made a move-no reward for his efforts. Not only was this man sick, unrewarded for his efforts to live above his sickness, also he had thirty-eight years of managing the effects of his malady. Can you imagine the self talk that had seized his mind? The psychological fighting to not resign to the possibility that this would be his life.

Then Jesus comes to him and ask him would he desire or determined to be made whole. This is a scene in which this man had to choose not to be offended, not to be defeated in his mind, but to use a mature trust in Jesus. I say mature because he had an advance stage of trust in Jesus that is surprising based upon his years of suffering. I believe there are some of you that have been in a life condition that have been paralyzing you in the same place for most of your life. I’m suggesting to you that your change of life for the better is more than based upon a magical or mystical moment. But your life change is based upon your determination to be made whole and Jesus’ power to bring it to past.

There is nothing that’s keeping you from moving past whatever is keeping you immobile in life. Determine in your mind that this year, month, week, or moment that you are reading this note from my desk that you are determined to be made whole. Believe that all things are possible with your mind made up to be whole and the power of Jesus the Christ empowering you to bring it to past.

Bishop Tylos Jackson, Jr.
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